Carol Cline Potty Training: Does it Really Work?

Carol Cline Potty TrainingDoes the Carol Cline Potty Training method actually work? In my opinion, yes it does. But, keep reading to see my full review.

First, let me introduce to you who Carol Cline is (if you don’t already know). Carol Cline is a best selling author, mother of 4, who also runs her own day care. A true mom-trepreneur with a heck of a lot potty training practice. She spent countless hours putting together and keeping a journal of potty training methods. Ones that worked, and ones that didn’t. Eventually, leading her to create her 3 potty training guide called “Start Potty Training”.


Potty Training doesn’t have to be long drawn out process of frustrations and it can be completed in as quick 3 days.  As I found out, potty training in 3 days is doable! Luckily, I discovered Carol Cline’s “Start Potty Training” guide and today I’m going to give you my personal review.

How I found Carol’s Potty Training Guide

When it was time for me to start potty training my son, Bryce, I took to the internet for research (as I’m sure you’re doing right now). At the time I had no idea what I was doing since Bryce was my first born. Eventually, after digging around on the internet I came across a Baby Center forum post called, “Potty Training in 3 days???”

Carol Cline

After reading through the forum I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback. I didn’t even realize it was possible to potty train a child so quickly. I thought to myself: “Hmm. Interesting. Even if it doesn’t work in exactly 3 days, there must be some good information.”  Plus, I had already tried some tips from friends and relatives that hadn’t proved much progress. So I purchased Carol’s program and followed it in its entirety, for the 3 full days, and I was beyond delighted after Bryce was completely potty trained by the last day.

Here Are My Day to Day Results

Day #1: I told Bryce that he would begin to use the potty. No more diapers. I put underwear on him and we started the method. A day full of tears and accidents but as expected since we just started. Since I had cleared my schedule for the 3 days, we spent a lot time playing games, reading books and bonding while I monitored him.

Day #2: I kept encouraging Bryce to use his potty after giving him some juice and water. I would then remind and ask him if he needed to go potty. If he said he didn’t, I would ask again and encourage him to try anyway. We had some accidents, but I was happy to see he was beginning to grasp the idea. I rewarded Bryce with coloring books and crayons when he did a good job and stayed consistent with the process.

Day #3: I could tell Bryce was starting to connect the urge of having to pee with the use of his potty. We only had one minor accident as I asked him regularly if he needed to go. I had kept with the training, both during the day time and at night. Keeping with the routine helped him understand that he was to only use the potty from now on.

After completing the process and by day 4 we had no accidents. I found that the Carol Cline potty training was an absolute success. Bryce had never used the toilet before our first day of training and has only had a very few accidents ever since (he’s 6 now).

Why I believe Carol’s guide works

Without a plan, you’re kind of just winging it. I believe that where most people fail with potty training is by getting frustrated and going back to diapers. Or pull ups, which is a big “no no”. Carol’s guide lays out that plan with a step-by-step guide. I suggest sticking to the 6 crucial building blocks that she lays out in her guide.

The 6 Crucial Building Blocks

Inside Carol Cline’s guide, she reveals 6 crucial building block guides you to need to put your child through. It’s important to follow these 6 building blocks for the Carol Cline potty training method to work:

  1. Building Block 1: Readying Your Child: The first building block deals with getting your child ready for potty training. Even if they currently show no interest in being potty trained. Carol gives you her all time best tips, that will have your child counting down the days until they get to officially use their potty.
  2. Building Block 2: Preparing Yourself: The second building block shows exactly everything you need to prepare for well in advance before actually starting the potty training process. Many parents move forward potty training, almost immediately and do so almost completely unprepared. After reading this chapter, you’ll be ready for everything potty training throws at you. With an unshakable confidence, that this is it, the day your child is out of diapers for good.
  3. Building Block 3: The First Day Is Crucial: The third building block discusses how the first day of potty training is the most crucial and how it sets the tone for the following two days to come. Carol takes you by the hand every step of the way. All day long, showing you the exact blueprint to follow for success.
  4. Building Block 4: Potty Training At Night: Building block number four is nearly left out of every other potty training guide on the market. One of the most challenging obstacles when potty training, is attempting to do so throughout the night. Carol perfected a night time potty training approach that has never been thought of by any other. And all but guarantees your child will not only stay asleep and dry all night long, but actually get out of bed and use the potty on their own each night they have to go.
  5. Building Block 5: The Final 2 Days: Building block number five takes you over the final 2 days. As Carol gives away the mandatory motivational tactic that will have your child running to the potty on their own. Each and every time they have to go. Using just two or three of the methods Carol gives to you in this section, will make things click in your child’s mind halfway through the second day.
  6. Building Block 6: Pay Very Close Attention: With building block number six you must pay very close attention to this section of the Carol Cline potty training guide. As it will save you from tears, frustration, and loads of aggression. Nothing is worse than making tremendous progress when potty training your child, only to have them fully regress and yell and scream for their diaper back. Carol reveals seemingly simple methods that nearly no parent knows about, that stops any chance of your child possibly regressing. This works like miracle for even the worlds most stubborn child.

Carol’s guide shows amazing results

Carol states that over 263,000 people in 154 countries have already used her program successfully over the past 4 years. Then using the feedback from all of those people to refine the program into the current updated version. She also claims the Start Potty Training program has the highest satisfaction rates in the entire industry. With 97.4% of Start Potty Training readers being satisfied with the program. While only 2.6% had to re-try the program a few weeks later.

How to get Carol’s 3-Day Potty Training Guide

The complete 3-Day guide is instantly available for download and comes in a text, audio and a video version. Along with extra bonuses, including a Rewards Chart, a “Big Kid” Certificate, Access to a Members Only forum (where you can get additional Coaching). You can even use this coupon code to get 62% off, it’s the complete guide and all the bonuses for only $37 (You’ll save on diapers alone). Plus she offers a 60 day money back guarantee. For Carol Cline’s official website visit

The Carol Cline Potty Training Method: Potty Training in 3 Days

3 Day Potty Training Review