Carol Cline: Author & The Potty Training Guru

Carol ClineCarol Cline is a mother of 4 children, while others refer to her as a “Potty Training Guru” she maintains that she’s just a regular mom. However, Carol discovered a quick and effective potty training method that can be use to have your child potty trained in just 3 days. (I’ve personally used here potty training guide, you can read my review here.)

Carol Cline is one of the bestselling authors on the internet for parenting and potty training products. Her Start Potty Training guide walks parents through a 3 day step-by-step guide that will have your child out of diapers for good. You can visit her official website here at

Carol Cline Potty Training Story

At the age of 11, Carol Cline always wanted to be the proud mother of large family. She dreamed of having 13 children and wanted to live in an old stone house by a river. But, instead of have 13 kids, she now takes care of over 40 children each year at a day care business she built for herself. Between her own 4 children and operating a day care, she realized that potty training would be a re-occurring theme in her life.

Carol’s First Potty Training Experience

As Carol Cline’s first born child, Emily, turned 1 year’s old. She thought (thinking ahead) that potty training would be an exciting time. In her mind’s eye, training her daughter to use the potty would be the first time she would truly help her child on the path to becoming an individual. She thought of it as a rewarding experience for the both of them.

As the time grew nearer and her little 26 month old Emily started to show interested in the big white, watery, toilet bowl. A wave of nervousness washed over Carol as reality set in. She had no clue where to start or even what to do. She was nervous that she wouldn’t do a good job, after all, potty training isn’t exactly something you can remember going through yourself as a child. Being unable to remember to relate to what her child would be going through made things that much more nerve-racking. That’s when she realized, that no one really prepares you for potty training. It’s just a bunch of personal opinions and hearsay, when all you really want is an exact plan to follow.

Carol’s Discovery: Pull Ups Vs Non Pull Ups

The one thing that Carol Cline noticed was that pull up diapers were becoming more and more popular with parents. And, that’s when she began to see a common trend between children in her day care. The boys and girls who were potty trained the fastest, were the ones whose parents never trained them with with pull up diapers. After months of seeing this occur time and time again, she was convinced that pull up diapers simply don’t work. So, the main thing Carol refused to do when potty training her daughter Emily. It was putting her in pull up diapers.

Still though, Carol wanted to understand why so many parents were getting aboard the pull ups bandwagon. Understanding that the diaper business a multi-billion dollar industry. These companies know that when your child is a baby, every dirty diaper will have to be replaced and that’s another dollar in their pockets. But, once your child gets a little older, these companies risk losing your business. So, how do they squeeze every last scent out of you before you no longer need their product? By creating a “diaper” you need after diapers, more commonly known as pull ups. This is all really a ploy for the company to get your business longer.

[ Carol believes that using pull ups can triple (3x) the time it takes to successfully potty train your child. ]

The “Messy” Department Store Accident

On weekends, Carol Cline’s big adventure would be running out to the mall and window shopping, while trying on different outfits. She rarely bought anything, as most of her families income went to food and bills. It was nice for her to get out of the house and try things on. However, on one occasion, it proved just how frustrating and “messy” not having your child potty trained can be.

So, there she was at Saks Fifth Avenue, with her little Emily (at 26 months old) who was in her first week of potty training. When a pair of $348 black silk, Prada dress pants left off the rack and lead Carol into the changing room. Never actually planning to spend that much of on a pair of pants, Carol just wanted to see how they would look on her. They were a perfect fit. And, while she was turning her body from left to right, admiring herself in the mirror, (taking her eyes off her daughter) little Emily had an accident on the all over the changing room floor.

[ For Carol, what made trying to potty train Emily on her own without a plan so frustrating, was that she had no idea how to get Emily tell her when she needed to go potty. ]

So, while Carol had her eyes fixed on the mirror, without even noticing Emily had accident. She unbuttoned the pair of Prada pants, and immediately wished life had an undo button. As she watched them fall down into the puddle of pee surrounding the changing room floor. Needless to say, not knowing exactly how to potty train her child ended up costing her, not just $348 on a new pair of pee soaked pants, but total and utter embarrassment.

Carol’s Desire to Quickly Potty Train Any Child

What Caroline Cline did next, was truly an example of turning lemons into lemonade. Rather than getting upset over her embarrassing changing room incident with her daughter Emily. She instead used the pain to light a fire within inside her, and decided to find out how to quickly potty train any child. So, that Emily would never have an accident in public again.

With Carol’s newly found motivation, and stumbling upon her discovery between parents who used pull ups, compared to those who didn’t. She knew that her day care created the perfect setting to experiment with what actually works when potty training and what doesn’t. So, for the next 3 months potty training with Emily, Carol tried every possible tip, trick, and method out there.

During that time, she faced countless accidents and it easily became the most challenging, frustrating, and embarrassing time of her career as a mother.  It wasn’t until Emily reached 29 months old that she became fully potty trained. By that time, Carol filled up an entire leather notebook  jam packed with all the notes she had taken during her first attempt ever at potty training. In addition to her own findings, she received input and feedback from nearly all the parents whose children that attended her day care.

Break-through: What Actually Works

On paper it started to become clear to Carol, which methods were effective, and worked time and time again for families. Two years and one more child later, all of her findings have been turned into what she believes is the only effective method in existence. That would quickly potty training any child in as little as 3 days.

It wasn’t until she started giving out copies to all the parents, whose children attended her day care. That she knew she was onto something big. The following week, parents started approaching Carol out of the blue. Asking “How can I quickly and easily potty train my child?”  She would kindly give a copy of her guide, with her business card clipped to the top left hand corner to anyone who asked. She estimates that over 127 mothers and fathers had come to her day care in that first month alone, just for a copy of the potty training guide. That she had spent so much time creating.

Carol began to get bombarded with voicemails every morning when she would walk into her office. She was getting phone calls, either thanking her for helping them potty train their child in under a week. Or from people who had heard about her guide from friends and family, and wanted to get their hands on a copy. People even began to start calling Carol a expert on potty training. Although she was flattered, it was something she never planned for or expected. It wasn’t until after meeting with an old friend for lunch, that the friend suggested she should make her guide available on the internet.

Carol’s Start Potty Training Guide

Thanks to the internet, Carol Cline was able to make her potty training guide instantly available. To anyone, anywhere in the world who needs a guaranteed, proven potty training guide. She’s packaged her potty training method as a video, book, and audio course. That can be instantly accessed from the privacy and comfort of your own home. The course will save you all the frustration, pain, and embarrassment you face by not following a proven plan. Carol had to learn the hard way but you don’t.

Inside Carol’s potty training guide she reveals 6 crucial building blocks you need to take your child through, if you want to see results in as little as three days. If you would like an overview of her 6 building blocks, you can read my personal experience here. For the quickest results, I recommend purchasing Carol’s guide and following the method from start to finish. Rather than trying piece together a potty training plan yourself. You can even save some money by using this coupon code here to get 62% off.

Much of the information covered here about Carol Cline can be found on Carol’s official website