5 Potty Training Tips That Work Fast

It’s time for your little one to start using the potty on their own and these potty training tips will help teach them quickly. Even though potty training can been seen as quite the challenge, from the accidents, messes and the frustration, if you have a plan and stick to it then the process can be a breeze.


Follow these easy potty training tips and you’ll be pleased to witness how fast your child will begin to make progress in the potty training journey. So to help you get your child ready and to succeed in the potty training process we’ve put together this list of our best potty training tips along with some notes on why they work!

Using the Right Potty Training Equipment

Check out this quick video for some potty training equipment ideas. When they start using their training potty.

Use A Training Schedule & Rewards Chart

Accidents Happen – Celebrate A Good Job

Make the Learning Process a Fun One

Cool Underwear Is Exciting!

Switching to underwear is