3 Day Potty Training Review: Is it possible?

3 Day Potty Training ReviewSo, you’re looking for a quick and easy way to potty train your toddler? Well, you’re in luck! It is possible. Here is my complete 3 day potty training review. Many parents have already proven that potty training can be completed in three days or less.

First of all, there are two popular guides available. One guide is an eBook by Lora Jensen. I’ve seen positive reviews for Lora’s book, but have never personally used it. The other (which I highly recommend), is Carol Cline’s 3-Day Potty Training Method. I do personally recommend Carol Cline’s guide, as I have successfully used it with my son Bryce.

How The 3-Day Method Works

How to Potty Train in 3 Days

Let’s begin with an overview of the basics: 3 Day Potty Training Review

Dedicating to 3 full days

You’ll need to clear your schedule and be available for three full days in a row. It’ll take your commitment to spend every waking minute with your child during the process. It’s recommended to have all your laundry, house cleaning and chores already done prior to starting. You will need to have your meals pre-planned and no outside distractions. Consider this as a wonderful time to bond with your child, as well a learning experience for them. Plus, when you no longer have to change those dirty diapers it will be well worth the effort!

Ditch the Diaper

Straight from the beginning you’ll want to get rid of your child’s diaper. You want to eliminate your child’s thought of using the diaper when they have pee or poop. Instead they need to get used to using the toilet when they have the urge to go potty. You can use a long t-shirt to cover your child’s bare butt or training underwear is okay too, but you want to avoid pull-ups. You will mainly want to be able clearly see and watch for any accidents.

Accidents will happen

It’s important to remain calm when accidents happen. The experience needs to stay a positive one. You should expect accidents to happen and it’s all part of the training. Every accident is an opportunity for them to learn and do a better job next time. Instead of getting mad or punishing them, find a way to encourage them to make it to the potty next time.

Lots of Water and Juice

Remember this is a training period and the more often your child needs to use the potty, the more practice they will get. So, you’ll want to encourage your child to drink more than usual. They will eventually get used to the feeling of having to go pee and will then begin to connect that with using the toilet. Remember to ask if they have to go potty after finishing their drinks. Even if they say the don’t have to, you’ll want to encourage them to try anyway.

Reward a Job Well Done

You’ll want to re-enforce this as a positive experience by giving your child a prize when they use the potty. You only want to reward them when they use the potty, not for accidents. You can use stickers and cookies or snacks for a reward. Another great idea is to pick up some cheap toys from the dollar store.

From start to Finish

Again, you’ll need to commit to the process, which means staying consistent with the training in the morning through the night. You don’t want to have a successful day of potty training, only for you child to use diapers at night. Remember, stick with the process and you can get ride of those diapers all together!

My Personal 3 Day Potty Training Review

I have personally found success using Carol Cline’s program. You can read my personal 3 Day Potty training review and day-to-day experience here. I used her method with my son, Bryce, and it was such a relief to get him potty trained so quickly and it ended up saving me money on diapers in the long run. I highly recommend purchasing Carol’s program, you can use this coupon code for only $37 here. You’ll get an instant download, plus she includes a rewards chart and other bonuses. It’s cheaper than buying all those diapers and she even offers a 60 day money back guarantee.